The Windle Family Law Firm is committed exclusively to the practice of family law. By focusing on this area of of law we have acquired vast experience addressing the following issues:

The payment of money from one spouse to the other during and after divorce proceedings.

A request for a higher Court to consider the work of a lower Court.

Child Support
Money paid to provide for the child’s needs.

Collaborative Divorce
A unique process that uses goal-based negotiation, providing higher levels of family privacy.

Control of a parent’s rights to when and how they may see their children.

A dissolution of marriage.

Equitable Distribution
The distribution of assets and debts.

A paternity action is used to establish a father’s rights and duties related to his children.

Postnuptial Agreements
A postnuptial agreement is often called a postnup. It is an agreement entered into after a marriage has began.

Prenuptial Agreements
A prenuptial agreement is short for the term prenuptial agreement, meaning before the nuptials, or wedding. This is also called an ante nuptial agreement or a marital agreement.

Florida law defines a relocation as a move with a child exceeding 50 miles.