Collaborative Divorce

The Collaborative Process is often referred to as a Collaborative Divorce, or simply Collaborative. This process is relatively new in Florida and is becoming increasingly common in Central Florida. Many families have seen the benefit of this unique process that uses goal-based negotiation, provides higher levels of family privacy, emphasizes the needs of children, and avoids stressful, slow and costly litigation.

The process requires each party to retain a collaborative attorney, who is commonly a member of CFL-CFL (The Collaborative Family Law Group of Central Florida) or IACP (International Academy of Collaborative Professionals). Mr. Windle is a member of both organizations. The attorneys then select a mental health professional to facilitate the process, and identify a financial professional to gather and explain financial issues relating to the marriage. The mental health professional and financial professional provide information on their expertise and remain neutral in the process.

Once the group is formed, the husband, wife, attorney, and professionals will enter into a participation agreement. This agreement provides that each party has a duty to provide transparency of important information, such as finances. It also indicates that the parties will not use the court to make decisions. Should the Court become necessary, it states that the attorneys and the professionals will step out of the case. Thus, the parties, the attorneys, and the professionals are all equally committed to resolving the issues as a group.
While the Collaborative Process is often called Collaborative Divorce, it can be used for other types of family law matters, like Collaborative Paternity, Collaborative Modification, Collaborative Relocation, and even Collaborative Annulment. The Windle Family Law Firm is experienced in the Collaborative Process and is available to discuss the process with you in more detail.